Saturday, January 31, 2004

Check out Today's Show and the New World Order Exposed videos by Lisa and Victor of Babel Magazine and Wing TV.

As I was visiting Rose Lear's web-site on Prison Industries I clicked on her link for tracking our representatives in Congress. While this appears to be a useful tool, I was reminded of what William Guy Carr wrote (page 114) in his book, Pawns In The Game:

"It is worth while to study the political intrigue that went on in Spain from 1839 to 1939 because it gives a clear picture of the pattern of revolutionary technique used to bring about the ultimate subjugation of all countries. There are three steps in all revolutionary efforts.

"First: Infiltration by the agents of the revolutionary party into the government, civil services, armed forces, and labour organizations in order to be in position to destroy the government from within when the order to revolt is given.

"Second: The affiliation of the revolutionary party with the socialist or liberal party left of center in order to overthrow the established government regardless of whether it is a monarchy or a republic.

"Third: Subversive activities to bring about anarchy in order to discredit the Popular Front Government and provide the excuse for forming a proletarian dictatorship. . . . "

Please use the aforementioned link for tracking congressional representatives cautiously with the "third" "revolutionary effort" in mind.

Although we know that corporate NGO's (non-governmental organizations) are already in liaison with our various governments, any further "discrediting" of the most unaware, egocentric politicians that the owners of this corporation paid to put in Congress may lead to the final "excuse" they need to bring into the open their pre-planned final stage of global corporate governance.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Be sure to check out the Learning Channel video and Paul Harvey's commentary about the NORFED Liberty Dollar.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

First Annual National Conference - Give Me Liberty 2004

A big "THANKS" to Bob, Devvy, and all the others involved in putting this conference together. What an outstanding job! I'm still in the process of assimilating the quantity and the quality of the information provided by the speakers and considering how to facilitate it into the general public. It was a pleasure to finally meet Fred Smart. If the demeanor and presence of the 200+ people who were in attendance, and the exemplary consistency of their personal messages that were being communicated one-on-one is sustained in their local areas; there appears to be hope for our nation! For those who are so inclined to consider the Messianic perspective, I invite you to click on a booklet I originally printed in 1996: Kings, Priests and Our American Birthright.

A special thanks to June and Bette for sharing their room, and I sure would have liked to meet Allen, and Doug to give them an in-person "Thanks" for all that they've done, and continue to do. Sorry they weren't there in person, but judging from their blogs, I suspect they were there in spirit.

To those of you who are just now coming into this understanding, I say; "Trust the process".

Saturday, January 10, 2004

This was contributed by Steven Dempsey, Assistant Jailer-In-Chief, Nevada Chapter:


There is no war on Terrorism - There is a war on Freedom.

The American Legal Industry is an Organized Crime Syndicate that Makes the Mafia Look Like a Freckled Face Boy at a Sunday Picnic. It has God Fathers, Dons, Soldiers and Recruits, just like the Mafia. It just Calls Them by Different Names. This Organizations Loots the Pockets of 290 Million Americans Everyday and It Does It All Legally. What a Sweet Racket.



Thursday, January 01, 2004

Thanks to David Wessel, Economic Editor for the Wall Street Journal, I have been corrected in my understanding as to what it costs for the owners of the Federal Reserve to print a bill of any denomination. Mr. Wessel referred me to the link FED101. The column to the right reflects my updated understanding that the owners of the Federal Reserve, according to this website, pay approximately "4.2 cents per note to produce US currency" of any denomination.

The site also provides a historical timeline for the Federal Reserve. However, although mentions and defines "government securities" and "collateral" I was unable to ascertain from their site what it is that constitutes "anything of value, such as property, stocks or bonds that secures or guarantees the discharge of a financial obligation or loan." Given my concern (to the right) about the debt we produce with our labor, I couldn't help to wonder if our labor is somehow linked to the "Employment Act"that came under the domain of the Fed in 1946?

THE U.S.A. vs U.S. INC.

Lawless America

Constitution Lobby

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

Justice Robert Houghwout Jackson (1892-1954) US Supreme Court Justice American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)


I, Veronica Ann; Hannevig born in the United States of diplomatic representatives by hereditary succession of the Kingdom of Heaven, claim the property, rights, privileges and immunities granted to me and my heirs by hereditary succession by Our Father, Yahweh, the Creator and sovereign ruler of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.

Let it be known that I and my heirs in succession claim sovereign immunity for debts and penalties incurred and imposed by execution of any adhesion or unconscionable instrument, contract or deed enacted by any entity, government or corporation.

(See Barron's Law Dictionary, 1996, [ISBN 0-8120-3380-9] for the definition of all words and phrases used in this notice. See "citizen" for definition of "diplomatic representatives".)


An Essay on the TRIAL by JURY by Lysander Spooner

It cost the owners of the Federal Reserve $.09 to print a "bill" of any denomination.

When a worker receives $10.00 for his/her labor the owners of the Federal Reserve profit $9.91!

Another +/- $2.00 (20%) Federal Tax is demanded by agents of the IRS on behalf of the owners of the Federal Reserve.

As I calculate it, with the present use of "bills", for each $10.00 of a working man's labor his debt to the owners of the Federal Reserve is approximately $11.91.

Should laborers acqueiesce by chip or plastic card to a totally cashless economy, profits for the owners of the Federal Reserve will increase exponentially approximately $12.00 for every $10.00 of a man's labor! This debt will be passed on to his descendants until they choose to rebel; or, the owners of the Federal Reserve do the honorable thing and reconcile their debt to the laboring man and his descendants.

Today we are at the threshold of a democratic, volunteer, optimal form of indebted servitude, wherein none who oppose it will be able to buy or sell.


America is merely a geographic location wherein has been sown wheat and tares; and dwell sheep and goats.

What's in your DNA?

Fire burns tares, swords slay goats, and the Word of Truth set us (sheeple) free.



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