Sunday, January 23, 2005


Here are some questions I had during the "ownership" portion of President Bush's Inaugural speech on Thursday, January 20, 2005. The text of that portion of President Bush's speech is as follows:

"In America's ideal of freedom, citizens find the dignity and security of economic independence, instead of laboring on the edge of subsistence. This is the broader definition of liberty that motivated the Homestead Act, the Social Security Act, and the G.I. Bill of Rights. And now we will extend this vision by reforming great institutions to serve the needs of our time. To give every American a stake in the promise and future of our country, we will bring the highest standards to our schools, and build an ownership society. We will widen the ownership of homes and businesses, retirement savings and health insurance - preparing our people for the challenges of life in a free society. By making every citizen an agent of his or her own destiny, we will give our fellow Americans greater freedom from want and fear, and make our society more prosperous and just and equal."

Here are my questions:

President Bush seems to be making a clear distinction between "Americans" and "citizens" in his speech. Is he?

What is the definitional difference (legal and otherwise) between having "Liberty" and being afforded statutory "freedom"?

What are the Liberties of a "citizen"? And, How are they the same, or different, from those pertaining to "the people"?

When a "citizen" becomes and "agent" doesn't he/she enter into a "commercial" relationship?

To whom are President Bush referring to as his "fellow Americans" who will "make", with him, "every citizen an agent" of "his or her own destiny"?

Why are President Bush's "fellow Americans" who have the power to make a "citizen" an "agent of his or her own destiny" concerned about "want and fear"?

President Bush seems to be outlining a global hierarchy in his speech. Is there a global hierarchy? If so, what is your status in this hierarchy? How do you perceive mine?

If a hierarchy exists; Do our representatives represent an 'endowed' "people" with "Liberty", or do they administrate the statutory "freedoms" dictated by those who are the most privileged within the hierarchy?

What does President Bush and his "fellow Americans" have planned for those men and women who they perceive to be "citizens" and "agents"?

What will be the fate of men and women who continue to believe themselves to be "endowed by their Creator (aka, "Nature's God") with unalienable Rights"?

To whom will President Bush be widening "the ownership of homes and businesses, retirement savings and health insurance"? And, how will this impact the men and women who continue to believe that they have the Liberty by Divine Law to their own unaliened possession of; "homes and businesses, retirement savings and health insurance"?

And, per President Bush in another part of his speech; "Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave." Who then is protecting and defending the 'self-evident truths' and the "imperative" "Right" to "self-government" for the people of the endowment?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Questions About President Bush's Inaugration

President Bush and his followers insist that they are among the most sincere Christians.

Since most sincere Christians believe that Heaven is the reward of the saved, and that Jesus saves His faithful believers; How is it that there was so much time, money and effort put into security at President Bush's inaugration? And,

If President Bush and his followers sincerely believe scripture and Revelation 18:4's prophetic warning to "come out" of Babylon; Why is he sending our young men and women into Babylon?

THE U.S.A. vs U.S. INC.

Lawless America

Constitution Lobby

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

Justice Robert Houghwout Jackson (1892-1954) US Supreme Court Justice American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442 (1950)


I, Veronica Ann; Hannevig born in the United States of diplomatic representatives by hereditary succession of the Kingdom of Heaven, claim the property, rights, privileges and immunities granted to me and my heirs by hereditary succession by Our Father, Yahweh, the Creator and sovereign ruler of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.

Let it be known that I and my heirs in succession claim sovereign immunity for debts and penalties incurred and imposed by execution of any adhesion or unconscionable instrument, contract or deed enacted by any entity, government or corporation.

(See Barron's Law Dictionary, 1996, [ISBN 0-8120-3380-9] for the definition of all words and phrases used in this notice. See "citizen" for definition of "diplomatic representatives".)


An Essay on the TRIAL by JURY by Lysander Spooner

It cost the owners of the Federal Reserve $.09 to print a "bill" of any denomination.

When a worker receives $10.00 for his/her labor the owners of the Federal Reserve profit $9.91!

Another +/- $2.00 (20%) Federal Tax is demanded by agents of the IRS on behalf of the owners of the Federal Reserve.

As I calculate it, with the present use of "bills", for each $10.00 of a working man's labor his debt to the owners of the Federal Reserve is approximately $11.91.

Should laborers acqueiesce by chip or plastic card to a totally cashless economy, profits for the owners of the Federal Reserve will increase exponentially approximately $12.00 for every $10.00 of a man's labor! This debt will be passed on to his descendants until they choose to rebel; or, the owners of the Federal Reserve do the honorable thing and reconcile their debt to the laboring man and his descendants.

Today we are at the threshold of a democratic, volunteer, optimal form of indebted servitude, wherein none who oppose it will be able to buy or sell.


America is merely a geographic location wherein has been sown wheat and tares; and dwell sheep and goats.

What's in your DNA?

Fire burns tares, swords slay goats, and the Word of Truth set us (sheeple) free.



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